About the Group

The first meeting of what was originally the Carshalton Art Group, was held on 1st April 1950. So we've been around for 60 years plus and we're still going strong! In 1956 Wallington was added to the name and the Group held its meetings at Honeywood House charging the then princely sum of 7/6 (37and a half p) for the annual subscription.

The aims of the Group are simple and straight forward:

To bring together in a sociable atmosphere like minded artists and hold weekly meetings at which members can practice their skills in the visual arts. From time to time to have demonstrations from other visiting artists so as to learn and develop new techniques. To hold public exhibitions of members work each year at which items can be sold.

Members tend to be capable amateurs enjoying art for its own sake although there have always been a number of successful professional artists as well. The group doesn't have the resources for teaching so prospective members are expected to be enthusiastic painters who have already got the basic skills under their belt. Seeing competent demonstrators, however, helps to build on existing skills and give new insights on what can be done.

All media have been embraced by the group--water colour, oil, acrylic, pastel, gouache etc. In addition members from different backgrounds have brought a variety of styles originating sometimes from different cultures so that the Group has always accommodated works of art from the traditional to the modern.

Although the creation of art is the reason for the Group's existence, time is also found for social gatherings, visits to places of artistic interest and traditional celebrations such as the group's annual and successful Christmas dinner.

The Group now holds its weekly sessions at 7.30 p.m. on Thursdays at the United Reform Church Hall, Stanley Park Road, Wallington. The annual subscription has alas, gone up a bit since 1950. If membership of the Group sounds interesting visit the "Membership" page for information on how to apply.